DeFiSafety scores as an input to Risk

Hi, I saw a presentation on Opty at DeFi Toronto. He mentioned how you take risk into consideration. DeFiSafety rates DeFi protocols using a fixed, auditable process, We have rated over 130 protocols already and continue to rate 5-6 a week. We rate on transparency and software process and quality. These ratings could be valuable inputs to your risk parameters. We are based in Montreal. We have an API. Let’s talk.


Hey @rhygate welcome!

Checking out your site/docs. Very interesting and refreshing to see such rigour applied to DeFi!

For everyone else, here is a link to DefiSafety

I will get in touch with you.

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Use rex@defisafety.com

Hi @rhygate, Curtis here with OptyFi.

Let’s schedule a chat this week or next.